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Reply To: ericsson bss commands


1. APG – it’s input-output system like IOG, but consist of 2 cluster-servers: Primary Domain Controller and Backup Domain Controller. With him you must have an improved speed of CP-command load, FTP-connection, statistic collection – because servers have 100mbit’s interfaces. Of cause – you have another command for manage APG (statistic and CP user configure, and much more)
2. RP fault (regional processor) – in many magazines RP have an manage function of em-board in that magazines, he can load software in etc5, pdspl, etc. This RP consists in 2 position of magazin (working and twin state). But whole RP may be in 1 plate – like RPG (signalling terminal, trx-handler), RPP (high speed (2M) signalling terminal and.. sorry, forget 🙂 ). Solution – from block-deblock rp, to change board.
3. CP – central processor. It’s manage whole switch, make and fill CDR-files, manage signalling from all links, and, of cause, manage grooup switch for call handling, and other and other. It’s a brain in your system. Solution – very carefully – by OPI, wrong operation may lead to full traffic stoppage.
4. AP fault is various from far end ftp (for collect your statistic) is not reachable or insufficient space on drive C: to node down or cluster service problem.
5. Seizure supervision occur when memory block for some variables will filled and needed more spaces. often arise when traffic increase. Just make an SAAII.
6. Ralt – type of device for work in A-interface with MSSC. You can filled you etc5 or et155 with ralt/rblt or rtltt/rtltb function.
regards, Danil