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Reply To: How to Balance Traffic between 900&1800


Hello Timz,

Depending on your settings, retuning some parameters among the below listed may help you achieve the desired Traffic Balance;

Load HO Allowed
Load HO Threshold
Inter-layer HO Threshold
Tch Traffic busy Threshold(%)
AMR TCH/H Prior Cell Load Threshold
Edge HO UL RX_LEV Threshold
Edge HO DL RX_LEV Threshold
AMR DL RX_LEV Upper Threshold
AMR DL RX_LEV Lower Threshold
AMR UL RX_LEV Upper Threshold
AMR UL RX_LEV Lower Threshold
DL RX_LEV Upper Threshold
DL RX_LEV Lower Threshold
UL RX_LEV Upper Threshold
UL RX_LEV Lower Threshold
UL Expected Level at HO Access.