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Reply To: basic frequency questions


Problem with saying ‘best coverage’ is that might not be the dominant coverage at the point which mobile is located.

Dominant coverage determined from rxlev does not always mean mobile will using that coverage due to ‘interference’ or other quality issues.

I have test results where the cell the MS is camped has lower rxlev C1 but really good C2, yet next best serving cell has better C1 but not so good C2, so how define ‘best coverage’. I think what ever is provided at particular location. Beside even if MS starts on camped cells with low rxlev network handover occur to better server when it can, maybe?

MS may detect dominant coverage (rxlev) but BTS might be overloaded with tarffic etc

I think both these are right depending where MS is located:

Manu wrote:
“…In GSM system MS is always within the cell offering the best coverage. …”

TNS wrote: “so the MS is NOT “always camping within the cell offering the best coverage”.