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Reply To: Location Area not allowed


Hello, Friends!
Thank you, Pix 🙂
Dear, HuNi! There are some types of subscription restriction:
1) on basis of VPLMN restriction in the Home PLMN (HLR) (# 11: PLMN not allowed);
2) on basis of regional subscription restriction (RS zone numbers are administered in VPLMN and restricted in HPLMN) (# 12: Location Area not allowed);
3)National roaming restrictions in VPLMN only. It is possible total (global) national PLMN restriction or partial (local) – on per LA basis (# 13: Roaming not allowed in this location area and probably # 11: PLMN not allowed when restriction is global).
So, when your subscriber receives #12 it is most likely matches to the ‘2)’ case (in standard case). Further, MS stores the forbidden LAI in a list of “forbidden LA” and enters the limited service state (only emergency calls allowed) until it moves to another LA which is not forbidden. List of “forbidden LA” is cleared after switch off/on manipulations.