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Reply To: 999 / 112 / 911


Additional to Pan, I check a ‘UK’ emergency response how MTPAS stated in manual for local level emergency. It say:

2.3.1 Mobile Telecommunications Privileged Access Scheme (MTPAS)
MTPAS (previously Access Control Overload- ACCOLC) permits the major mobile
phone companies to reserve exclusive channels for use by the Emergency Services
and Local Authorities in the event of a major incident. However it should be noted:
• The facility is rarely invoked and is very expensive.
• Decision to activate MTPAS is made by the mobile phone companies on the
request of the Police only.
• MTPAS would only be activated for limited ‘cells’ normally the immediate vicinity
of the scene of the incident.
• Facility disrupts normal subscribers who may be involved in the incident and need
to contact emergency services.

The last point under 2.3.1 say ‘disrupt’ meaning affects (stops) contacting emergency services (999/112 calls) when MTPAS deployed on cells.