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Reply To: Queuing


Hi Pix,
the problematic cell has 4 TRX. So,
1. Path Balance=0,5,6,5
2. RTCH_avg_duration=1s,50s,21s,37s
3.Traffic=0 Erl,0.1 Erl,2.2 Erl,6.5Erl

4. HO Margin=5 dB for all relations
5. En_Traffic_HO=Disabled
6. MS_TXPWR_MAX= 33 dBm for all
7. BS_TXPWR_MAX= -2 dB the other cells in relations=0 dB

I disabled TFO, Inc_HO_cong has been reduced from 20% to 6%, but I have to see off during the whole day.