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Reply To: RF Optimisation & Planning e-book

Vinesh Mahesha

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UMTS Network Planning, Optimization, and Inter-Operation with GSM

Description: This book is based on the author’s 20+ years of consulting and research in the wireless industry, and is an all-in-one volume for end-to-end planning and optimization of WCDMA/UMTS networks. It is wide in scope, yet with heavy focus on the radio planning and optimization aspects of UMTS. It includes detailed chapters on AMR voice codecs, QOS classes and end-to-end parameter inter-workings, TCP protocol adaptation for wireless networks — particularly UMTS — as well as core andaccess network design. Included is a lengthy chapter covering all varieties of multipath propagationand path loss models and a coverage of model tuning guidelines, as well as a chapter on using RFmeasurements collected from existing GSM networks to reduce the time and costs involved in siteengineering and estimation for UMTS overlay.