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Reply To: MAIO Plan



BBH is very different than SFH !! No MAIO, no HSN, no MA List in BBH.

All you have to do is do your frequency planning as usual (as if there was no hopping) but with accepting a lower C/I in average, and then activate BBH.

Then… the skills… it’s all about trial and errors. It’s much easier if you first ensure that all your antennas are well-tilted, to avoid too much overlap and overshooting.

— HSH & MKT :

1×1 or 1×3, which one gives the best utilisation ? Well, it’s about the same !!
30 freq in 1×1, with load = 12% –> 3.6 TRX / cell max
3 x 10 freq in 1×3, with load = 30%
–> 3.3 TRX / cell max

The main question is about your radio design:
large overlaps, heterogeneous terrain, hills, overshooting, reflections, high antennas –> prefer 1×3

sharp cell coverages, good downtilt, homogeneous terrain, regular inter-site distance, regular antenna azimuths –> you can use 1×1.

The better is 1×1, because it shares ALL frequencies at once. So any improvement on the radio design gives great results immediately, in terms of QoS and capacity. Also, it is easier to manage after a while.