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Reply To: BCCH interference



It depends on whch direction is your interference :
DL BCCH interference : poor SI decoding, poor paging sucess rate, poor SDCCH assignment % (if SDCCH on the TRX1), poor SDCCH Drops and poor TCH establishment & TBF establishment on that particular TRX.
Other TRXs are not impacted. (= tCH & TBF allocation on those TRX is still fine)

UL BCCH interference : poor RACH success + SDCCH assign & drops + TCH/TBF estab fail%

Now, if a MS is camping on a cell from which the SI msg are mis-decoded, then the MS will reselect another cell.
Same thing if LU & call setups can’t go through, a reselection *should* occur.