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Reply To: Call dropped after exactly 6min


CAMEL roaming
I want to know what is the standred in this case in 3GPP;

When receiving an InitialDP message with the Event Type Bcsm “collectedInfo” (TDP-2), the SCP differentiates an InitialDP for an MO call from an InitialDP for an MF call by means of the following criteria:

-The InitialDP for an MO call must include the parameter Called Party BCD Number.

-When recognizing an InitialDP message for an MO call, the SCP uses the LocationInformation/vlr-number or MSC number parameter in the InitialDP for identifying the calling subscriber’s serving network and reply??

in case the vlr number equal to MSC number , we don’t face any problem, but in case the vlr number is not equal MSC number we face a problem that we don’t reply to the MSC.

we must care about vlr number or MSC number. do you have any idea about this or how we can fix this problem.