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Reply To: location update vs handover


hello pix


we moniter some action related to our network like paging meeasge , call attempts, ,traffic , loaction update , etc,,,,

i but all these events in one chart during one day for 24H

00:00-01:00 , 001:00-02:00 02:00-03:00,,,,,,, ect dor whole day , and notice the relation between them , so the profile (is the shape of these counter during 24H (is the curve resulting from the stat. , when i but the data in the chart .))
so i notice that, the curve of call attempta and traffic , paging is the same , and i found that logic , because there are relation betwwen them , so it logic for paging to take the same curve for call attempts ,because when i have call the nework should paged me , but i found also location update take the same curve , and i found that not logic because , there is no relation between location update request and call attempts, or paging .

profile i draw the call attempts during day each vs hours ,

i hope it is clear now .

i try to send chart but i can not.