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Reply To: Roaming between operator


Thanks Pix, paraHO
Pix, I think that’s not the phone issue because we tested many SIM cards in the same phone and the problems appeared only to those SIMs which previously roamed with very good conditions in home PLMN. I tried to check PLMN settings in SIM card with SIM reader (chinese SIMMAX) but there is nothing in application for managing PLMNs. Maybe I should try with Dekart Simreader.
I’ve read somewere here in forum about creating external cell. What do you think to create the foreign cell as external. In PRC there is not possible to change the parameter “PLMN name”, it’s always “own PLMN”. Any suggestion regarding external cell?
And another question regarding NCC_permitted. In our network NCC is 0 and NCC_permitted is not_permitted (value 0). Is that OK. Should we tune that?
And the last one, home MNC is 01 and foreigner operator’s MNC is the same 01. What’s the role of MNC in these situations?
Best regards,