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An intelligent way, i don’t know, but a tiresome and difficult one, yes !

Swap of single feeders (either the Tx/Rx or the RxDiv of one sector, with the Tx/Rx or RxDiv of another sector) –> Detected with poor path balance, showing a poor UL. Indeed, the RxDiversity is not efficient anymore. If both BCCH are transmitting on the same antenna (Tx sect 1 and Tx sect 2), you might notice a lot of HO between the 2 sectors.

Swap of both feeders (and it works also for single feeders):
the handovers are not flowing towards the direction it should. For instance, the sect 1 shall normally HO to a cell “C” from a neighbor BTS. Also, the sect 2 shall HO to a cell “D”.
But you detect the opposite.
As I said, it’s a bit exhausting… But you can do some macro perhaps ? Based on geographical coordinates.