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Reply To: GPRS Gs interface & paging



yes, you are right and I was right in my very old post too 🙂
VLR sends the CS PAGING to the SGSN if the MS is GPRS-Attached.
Otherwise, VLR sends the paging to the MSC.

If it went to the SGSN : The BSS will then decide if the MS is in PTM or not.
If in PTM, Paging goes to PACCH
If in PIM, Paging goes to PCH.

I’m sorry about the confusion…

Let’s recap. You’re saying that as soon as the MS is GPRS-Attached, it can’t be paged anymore ?
Whether it is in PTM or not ?

Basically, let’s say there are 3 MS:
MS a is non-GPRS attached
MS b is GPRS attached in PIM
MS c is GPRS attached in PTM

–> Which ones can’t get paged ?

Second question:
–> What kind of info are you able to collect from your SGSN ? Gs protocol traces ?

I’m happy to help, please forgive me if I appeared aggressive somehow. I’m just being enthusiastic ! 😀 And kindly take your time to describe your problem with more details, answers my questions one by one, I’m sure we’ll get through this.

In 3GPP specs, have you read 29.018 ?