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Reply To: GPRS Gs interface & paging


Thanks Pix, Really appreciate your prompt response and help.
I shall get the same checked. However just to add to the description of the problem, These high SD attempts are observed randomly in any cell, in any bts, in any bsc at any random time.There are 20 Bscs integrated to Nokia MSS,HLR and Huwaie SGSN.

The attempts at random increase 40-50 times above normal for just a few hour/s and then subside again. (For e.g in normal case if the SD attempts were around 4000 they all of a sudden shoot up to 200000 for any hour. We have disable NMO in one of the BSCs and have observed the blocking and this random behaviour has subsided significantly.Prior to implementation ogf Gs interface this scenario was not observed.

thanks and regards