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Reply To: MS Power Control Algorithm!!



I can’t help you… You said
“absolute power level”.

And I 100% agree with you : the BSC sends absolute power level.

I have no idea what is your problem. You send an order at 28dB to the MS, and the MS is setting its power to 25dB ?

Is that the problem ?

Perhaps the absolute power “coding” you sent to the MS is misinterpreted because the MS is readng it with a different “coding” table than yours. It could happen if the MS is in DCS1800 band and the BSC is using the GSM900 coding.
That’s just a possibility, but I don’t really see anything else. The problem can only be one of misunderstanding :
BSC misunderstands you
or BTS misunderstands BSC
or MS misunderstands BTS

I’m sorry I can’t help more than that.