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Reply To: MS Power Control Algorithm!!


Hi Pix,

Thanks for your inputs.
I have seen the table in 45.005.

But I think those Power Levels mentioned are from MS perspective.

From BSC perspective, I feel that BSC places appropriate power level (absolute power in dB, calculated with its PC algorithm) in MS Power Control message and sends to BTS, which places this in L1 SACCH header.

Now at MS, whatever power it receives, it tries to sends to that level, otherwise it just sends at it own maximum power level, based on this Power Class and frequency band.

And regarding classmark that you told me to investigate, they are sent in CC/MM messages, which are not to be decoded at BSC, since BSC doesn’t have those layers.

Please let me know your understanding.
I urgently need this info.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,