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Reply To: Network Timers


I can help u with below value I found in one live Network:

T3101- This timer is started when a channel is allocated with an IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT message. It is stopped when the MS has correctly seized the channels.(used value: 1500 msec)

T3107:This timer is started by the sending of an ASSIGNMENT COMMAND message and is normally stopped when the MS has correctly seized the new channels.
(used value: 28000 msec)

T3109-This timer is started when a lower layer failure is detected by the network, when it is not engaged in a RF procedure. It is also used in the channel release procedure. Its purpose is to release the channels in case of loss of communication.
(used value: 14400 msec)

T3113:This timer is started when the network has sent a PAGING REQUEST message and is stopped when the network has received the PAGING RESPONSE message.
(used value: I couldn’t find this.Sorry :()