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Reply To: ANBSP analysis in Ericsson MSC

wallis dudhnath

Hi Shweta et al,

In the past I used to look at AXE10 and was very familiar with the numerous Man Machine Language (MML) commands that was used to configure resources for the switch.

DT – Data Transcript – was used. Like a batch file with a list of MML commands.

-B-Number Analysis is the almost the first analysis to be carried out in a
call setup. ANBSI (Analysis of B-Number, Specification, Initiate) was the MML command that was used to B Number analysis.

-The results of B-number Analysis will give the input data to the other
analysis tables, for example, routing and charging analysis.

-The first analysis to be done is the Pre-Analysis of B-numbers.
This is used to reduce the size and complexity of the B-number table.

For IN – Intelligent Networks – that is based on SSF/gsmSSF, SCF/gsmSCF, etc.. the MML command DBTRI was used to set up triggering. IN Flags, e.g. O-CSI(CAMEL), OICK/TICK, OIN/TIN, etc., is configured in the HLR / HSS.

The IN flag is an enabler to help with routing the signalling to the gsmSCF. Call Control will be supported
by the gsmSCF.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath