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Reply To: Adding 1800 in 900


Let us say..

In OMCR I define the TRX of 900 as inner and 1800 as outer.

Will it work in same way??

I mean…the Rxlevel of 1800 will be lower to 900 always(isn’t it)


By virtue of Rxlevel classification the 1800 TRX is supposed to be inner…and it will be if Rxlevel concept holds good.


what is the need to define in OMCR as inner or outer.???


1) which will have the FIRST PREFERENCE in the allocation of a TCH…1800 or 900? + WHY?

2) If it is 1800 TCH…and Rxlevel is LESS then 900 (likely to be)…then will it take the Intracell HO 900 immediatly by virtue of Rxlevel HO algorithm trigerring in BSC??


Is there any way to stop “this” type of intracell handovers.