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Reply To: Same (BCCH, BSIC) couple


Ali, Bijoy,

I’m going to get confirmation on that. This point is still not clear for me… It is said that a synchronized network would allow “synchronous HO”.

If that’s the case, then the HO are going to be executed much faster : the MS will ready to communicate onto the target TCH much faster.
By execution, I mean : the time between HO COMMAND is sent and the 1st speech frame is received in the target cell.


About BCCH/BSIC, I don’t think the synchronization will help avoiding collision on TS0 of the TRX BCCH. Therefore it won’t allow an easier planning of the BCCH TRX. What matter in the BCCH TRX is the cleanliness of the TS0. If all TS0 are transmitted at the same time, this will lead to more collisions than before (on the RACH especially).

It will ease up the FreqPlan only for the other TRXs.