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Reply To: NW Release


Pan & Pix,

The destination number is within PSTN.

Pix, the Assignment Complete msg is as follows:
Assignment Complete
Time: 12:21:16.54
Frame number: 2194570
Skip indicator : 0
Protocol discriminator : (6) Radio resources management messages
Message type : 41
RR cause
Value : (0) Normal event

There’s no Alerting msg in this cases, and this is the main problem (after the Assignment, we receive a Relesease from the Network).

The Disconnect msg from the Networks is as follows:

Transaction identifier : 8
Protocol discriminator : (3) Call control; call related SS messages
Message type : 37
Coding standard : (3) Standard defined for the GSM PLMNS
Location : (2) public network serving the local user
cause value : (31) Normal, unspecified

Tomorrow we’re going to perform a Drive Test, but in this case it’ll be complemented with a MSS trace, so I’ll keep you posted.