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Reply To: Tilt and Height



what is fun in having a antenna installed at lower heights?

If tilt can keep the size of cell small as well as can provide a good indoor coverage then…

don’t you think we should make a thumb rule in RF planning to keep the antenna height more?


the practice of lower antenna heights by RF planner is just to cater the sales need of his employer !!!

Fact behind the thought:-

A city with 10 BTS just a few years back….having average height of antenna/BTS site at 40 m from ground.


There are 30 BTS in the same city…subscribers have grown manifold ….And the height of antenna’s have came down to 24-25 M on an average…

They have added capacity, no doubt..but

Indoor coverage has been affected badly in almost all the dense clutters..

can’t they have added the capacity by planning the 30 BTS sites with an antenna height of 40 m and tilt of 6 degrees to 8 degrees???

This could have probably saved a big churn of subscribers due to poor indoor coverage!!!!!!!