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Reply To: cell Reselect Offset


I knew that you were going to answer pix, hehehe. U tha man.

OK but here is the real problem:

At the edge of the cells when the real signal RxLev(A)=-100dBm (measured with a scanner and CRO(A)=8 we will have -92.

And there is another cell with RxLev(B)=-94dBm, CRO(B)=0dB from which we will have, then the phone will go to cell A and setup calls with A instead with the real best server cell.

And I also noticed that the HandOvers are also affected by this offsets, so, your call will handover to a probably worst cell (due to the CRO) than to a good one.

Is there any other way to do traffic balancing between bands?
I’ve tried CRO and HO params to move or keep more traffic in the 1900 cells than the 850. But seems that the performance is affected.