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Reply To: GPRS – Channel Request and RSL link


Thanks Pix.

What’s not clear to me is, will the channel request show up on the RSL link encapsulated within an 08.58 DATA INDICATION PDU?

My understanding for GSM is that the BTS always intercepts the 04.08 CHANNEL REQUEST and converts it into an 08.58 CHANNEL REQUIRED on the RSL link.

Will the BTS do something different if the CHANNEL REQUEST indicates a packet data related cause?

The other thing as well is that it seems that if the BTS is not configured with PCCCH (but only CCCH), then the UPLINK PACKET ASSIGNMENT should be sent back to the MS within an 04.08 IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT (rest octets). Who is then responsible for generating this IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT, the BSC or the PCU?…

If the PCU is not physically located on the BSC, then how can the PCU have access to the RSL link?

Sorry for all the confusion, there is a lot of new concepts for me here. I would have mostly experience with GSM, not GPRS.

Thanks again for your assistance,