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Reply To: Low SD setup


hi optim,

to summary your problem : (No on SD attemps)/(No of SD request – (SD fail due to cong)) = 20%

it means that for instance, there are 1000 CHANNEL REQUIRED on the ABIS interface, and only 200 IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT.

Did you see this in the Abis trace ?

If that’s the case : could you isolate the CHANNEL REQUIRED that are not followed by the IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT (check the request reference in the channel required -> the same reference should be used in the I.A. that answers this C.R.)

In those un-answered Channel required :
— >are they a retransmission of a previous channel required ? (you know that the MS will transmit the same channel request max three times)
–> what is the cause value (emergency call ? normal call ? GPRS ?)
–> what is the time advance ?

… frankly the solution to your problem lies in the Abis interface ! just look deeper…