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Reply To: Repeater Problem with Huawei Node B


Hi Pix,
Thanks for your reply.

I just want to share you these things and try to make your comments and recommendation.

Without any repeater, there’s a certain area in my intended coverage where i can established call but Rx level is too low.(around -87dBm to -95dBm).BTW my area is a 2-Story House.

1. With the repeater “on”, (both HPA UL/DL of the repeater on), 0% CSSR.
2. I’ve tried to turn off my HPA UL and I was able to established call set-up.This is because the node B handle my call.As I walked to the first level of the house,wherein there was no signal coverage,I was dropped.Maybe because my uplink power was not enough.DL power is no problem becuase my HPA DL is still on.

3.With still my HPA UL off to set-up call,I walked to the first floor.This time i turned the HPA UL on just before i reached the area where i was dropped and for this time no dropped off were experienced 100 percent of the time I was engaged with the call.

My only problem now is the call set-up with the repeater on with Huawei because with other Node Bs there was no problem. With regards to isolation between my donor and service antennas,I don’t think I have a problem.I’ve tried adjusting gain settings,to the point having minimum gain just to overcome isolation.

What do you mean isolation between the node B and the area i will cover, is this the the air distance? With this I’m not quite sure how far. Maybe 1-2km.
Do you have any idea what is the suggested distance between a repeater site and node B site.