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Reply To: High TCH drop after SFH


hi madani,

thanks for the values.. mmm.

2 hopping TRX on 12 frequencies, it gives a radio load of 16.6%. This is the theoretical limit of 1×1. At this amount of load, you must expect a poor radio quality.

On-the-field threshold of radio load is about 12%. At 12% radio load, you can expect same CDR as the one you’ll get with an average BBH frequency planning. At 16.6%, it’ll be quite worse.

Could you try to unload TRX 2 and TRX 3 by favoring TCH allocation on TRX 1 ? Or lock some TRX’s that are not used.

Or perhaps just allocate more frequencies in the MA list ? If you can’t, then i strongly recommend you roll back to BBH solution. Or if you want to stick to SFH, you have to make a really aggressive cell design (too time-consuming imo)