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Reply To: cell reselection


Cell Re-selection – 9 Jul 2010

1. In this case MS should has Idle BA list, right? If yes, how does it know it?
—-> the cell is broadcasting the Idle BA list on its BCCH. All MS which are reselected (camping) on this cell must listen to the BCCH.

2. In this case MS re-select by using C2 not BSC, but what about Handover?
——> handovers are only used in dedicated mode. HO are decided by BSC, they are not based on C1 and C2 criteria.

3. In emergency cases, does MS need SDCCH or not?
——-> emergency cases of what ? of HO ? then… no the Ho during a call never uses a SDCCH. All the signalling goes through the TCH (the FACCH to be precise).