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Reply To: ICM Band


Hi Lemaure,

You said :
“- a bad functionning of TRU: can be troubleshooted if the bad ICM is the same on all the sectors of the same site
– internal/external interferences (optimize your frequency if internal or deal with the regulatory board for external cases).”

Do you have any method to differenciate each possible cause ?

also, the bad-functionning TRU.We are using MCTR, 1 MCTR per cell, with two channel groups (0 and 1)
chgr 0 = 1 bcch freq
chgr 1 = n DCHNO (SFH 1×1)

Is there any way to know whether the interference is on BCCH freq, DCHNO or both ? How to troubleshoot that ?
There is no counter per chgr, as far as i know.

If there’s a way, even a difficult one (reconfiguring the chgr for example), please let me know.