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Reply To: tch blocking and tch congestion


Hello uLVa

these formulas depends on vendor

TCH Call Blocked =

some vendor call this KPI TCH congestion rate (%) = TCH overflow*100/TCH attempts

2 TCH Assign Success Rate

= TCH assign request /tch attempts

3 Call Success Rate
100-TCH assign failure

0r TCH seizure succ attepts/TCH attempts

4 Drop Call Rate

Most of vendors have two call drop


TCH call drop rate (%)
TCH call drop /TCH sizure attemots

also for SDCCH

5 SDCCH Call Blocked
SDCCH congestion

6 SDCCH Assign Success Rate

$7 Handover Success Rate
handover request/handover attepts
depends on Handover type

8 Handover Failure Rate

by small search in google you will get alot paper about this topic

good luck