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Reply To: Country Border Roaming Issue


Dears Pix, ParaHo.
ParaHo, thank you for your comments. As many heads, as many wits:)
I have some corrections to your post. The only thing that will force MS to select HPLMN from VPLMN Foreign country is suitable cell absence in VPLMN. Suitable cell definition – see GSM 03.22.
Now – in order of appearing:
\\\\\\”1) Unless of course the mobile switches off and then on then it will check for HPLMN”\\\\\
No, no, no. Since after mobile switch off/on it shall search for Last Registered Network (i.e. VPLMN) – not HPLMN (GSM 03.22).
2)I agree with Pix (“until rxlev(vPLMN) goes below RXLEV ACCESS MIN(vPLMN)” – the basic but not the only criterion of cell suitability) Only manually selection (if suitable cell available in VPLMN Foreign Country)
\\\\\”3) Or the MS timer wont impact for non-registered or even registered MCC/MNC in EF PLMNsel being barred”\\\\\
I don’t understand this sentenses too.
EF FPLMN (Forbidden PLMNs)and EF PLMNsel (PLMN selector) – are different elementary files on sim. They have different functions.
EF PLMNsel defines the preferred PLMNs of the user in priority order (user PLMN preferences, as he want) This list have influence on PLMN selection order during PLMN selection procedure (see GSM 3.22 for more details).