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Reply To: Country Border Roaming Issue



1) ok
2) not ok : the cells that are neighbors in idle mode are described in the system information message. The MS cannot reselect a BCCH that’s not in the SI2 (or SI5 ? i always mistake). If the MS is in VPLMN, it’ll stay there, until rxlev(vPLMN) goes below RXLEV ACCESS MIN(vPLMN)
3) out of my competency : i don’t understand 🙂

ping-pong : no. as long as the RXLEV(hPLMN) above the RXLEV ACCESS MIN, it will not try to find another PLMN. It doesn’t even measure the vPLMN.

One more question : if a BCCH in the SI2 is the same as the BCCH of a vPLMN cell, can the cell mistakenly reselect the other vPLMN neighbor cell ? I would say “no”.. but i’m not sure. Any idea ?