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Reply To: Country Border Roaming Issue



i’ve heard about this timer on this forum, few months ago :)) thanks for finding the 3GPP.

paraHO, Pan,

it looks like, as Pan said, the periodical attempt for returingin in HPLMN is done only if MS is in the home country. If Ms is attached on a VPLMN from another country, it’ss not try to return back home.

So, it is like this :
.. The MS on the border measures both HPLMN and VPLMN.

.. Because HPLMN is the favourite PLMN, as long as RxLev(home) > RXLEV ACCESS MIN, the MS is camping on HPLMN.

.. Only if the coverage of HPLMN is lost (RxLev < RXLEV ACCESS MIN), the MS will try to reselect a cell from a VPLMN (and in your case, a VPLMN from another operator). .. When a MS is on the VPLMN from another country, it doesn't try to return to HPLMN. .. Barring the neighbor network at MSC level is probably a bit tough : there are probably roaming agreements. And it'll penalyse travellers... --> Is this correct ?

Then two solutions :
1- ensure good coverage level and set RXLEV ACCESS MIN to -110dBm
2- tell your subscribers to manually select your network, so they won’t try to go to the VPLMN by themselves. (on my phone, if a change of PLMN occurs, MS asks me to choose the new PLMN)

–> Agree ? Any additional solutions ?