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Reply To: TRX and E1



About TRX/E1 I cut &paste from a previous Pix’s message:
with standard OML/RSL multiplexing :
1 E1 has 32 timeslots, with:
1 TS for physical signalling/synchro
1 TS per group of 4 RSL (=4TRX)
2 TS per TRX

a BTS with 4 TRXs use 10 E1 TS (1×4)
a BTS with 5 TRXs use 13 E1 TS
a BTS with 6 TRXs use 15 E1 TS
a BTS with 7 TRXs use 17 E1 TS
a BTS with 8 TRXs use 19 E1 TS (2×4)
a BTS with 9 TRXs use 22 E1 TS
a BTS with 10 TRXs use 24 E1 TS
a BTS with 11 TRXs use 26 E1 TS
a BTS with 12 TRXs use 28 E1 TS (3×4)
a BTS with 13 TRXs use 31 E1 TS
a BTS with 14 TRXs use 32 E1 TS (4/4/6)

In Alcatel, with a more agressive multiplexing, one can reach more TRXs per E1
(but less radio timeslots for TCH can be defined) (up to 16 TRX / E1).
But this is not recommended, because nobody wants to loose TCH capacity 🙂
It can be useful for remote BTS with Abis over satellite.

The previous TRXs are grouped in several Cells. Then only a single TRX per Cell will have a BCCH channel.
Other timeslots are coonfigured for signalling or traffic (TCH) in a variable ratio.