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Reply To: Speed of MS


Dear MKT,
Speed based preference is allowed in most of the vendors,especially to cater for hierarchical networks. Micro, Mini and Macros.
The objective is to keep the Faster moving MS on Macros, Slower on Minis and Slowest / indefinite MS on Micros. There by balancing Traffic load and optimizing HO per Call, thereby reducing need for excess HOs and resulting in lower chances of Ho Failires and Call Drops.
HOs can be as follows.
Capturing HOs from Macro to Micros (Slow Moving MS)
Emergancy HOs from Micros to low traffic Macros (Fast Moving MS).

For Alcatel: The calculations are based on Min_Dwel_Time and Min_Connect_Time to classify MS as slow / fast. then If Speed_discripancy is enabled the then HOs take place.

For the Idle mode the Penalty time and Temporary offset are used to allow only slow moving MS to camp on to a specific cell. The Penalty time should be optimized based on the traffic type of the cell. Lets say its on a traffic signal then the Penalty time should be greater than the Signal change time thereby the Moving MS in cars dont camp onto the micro.