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Reply To: FER and SQI


Hi Akefa,

Handovers are obviously needed to keep a satisfying radio link… But I’m talking about “useless” handovers.

Basically, what I’m saying is : reduce the number of power budget handovers, and apply a light ping pong hysteresis. This can be done by using a longer PBGT HO averaging window, and higher HO MARGIN(0,n).

The limit of this, as you’re pointing it out, is when the call drops increase or too many emergency HO are taking place. But don’t forget than most users are motionless, and therefore do not need to do too many handovers.

That answers one thing. Second thing was : HO vs. voice quality

For the users, a handover is heard as a blank of 40ms to 80ms in the voice. It is not perceived consciously, but it degrades the speech quality. In SQI or VQ, a handover gives a very bad mark 🙂 Therefore, if you’re being compared to a competitor then you might have a surprise.. a bad one 🙂 even though call drops are low and C/I is high, the number of ho will be decisive…

Some of our clients were deeply disappointed by VQ’s match results..