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Reply To: The SDCCH assignment fail from the LU.


Dear Pix,
I’ve locked TCH-tre in order to check Path Balance on BCCH-tre (there were no samples for it before). This value was the same ~ 15..16.
But we have found the problem for this cell : ))) It was a faulty equipment (like GSM-modem, security system of a large store). Every ~ 30 it sended a Channel Request message with cause ” Originating Call …” but after receiving Immediate_Assignment message didn’t do anything – that’s why we have abnormal MC149 on this cell. We got very clear picture in Abis trace 🙂
But it’s only one of our problem cells. And about average Path Balance for our 1800 cells – it’s really ~ 14..16 !! I think it means that we have serious problem in TX.