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Reply To: The SDCCH assignment fail from the LU.


We have been facing issues with the uplink Signal strength and qulaity in 850/1900 dual band Ericsson system. The problem is both at the setup as well as in dedicated mode resutling at severe sdcch failure and TCH drop call. The problem is more accute on 850
The TA data indicated that some of the cells are getting the samples from unplanned coverage areas (Low Siganl Erlang) from new developments

The following have been already tried

1Dual Band TMAs(The drop shifted from uplink to drop due to both link)

2Frequency Retune

3Load Balancing (1900/850);
4 Neighbor scrubs
5 scrubbed Hardware issues

We can’t change Accmin, power or downtilt as it will affect the customer coverge.

Is there a way that we can limit the overshooting cells without accmin/power or downtiling.

Thank for you help