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Reply To: Dual band and Collacated Cells


Those are TRX from a same cell, you just have to do the same thing as you would do when using monoband TRX of a cell.. If available in Huawei, you can split these TRX onto 2 BTS’s, or collocate them in a same cabinet.

Several intracell TRX split over 2 BTS’s is done by a cable linking the two SUM cards of these BTS’s.

If the TRX are already in one cabinet, I believe you can merge the two cells into one concentric from the OMC-R directly. Zero site operation to be performed.

Little reformulation :
– parameters are possibly less flexible, but more complex.
I mean that concentric cells are little bit less flexible in terms of settings, but less complex to handle than two collocated cells.