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Reply To: BTS TRX

kalim .i

hello dear function of noika trx:-

1 trx card supports 8 time i.e. max. no of 8 users . but not practically. it will supports max. no of 7 callers.

since 1 time slots = 16 kbps

max no of callers, if
4+4+4(using 8 users)=96 users at H.R
4+4+4(using 7 users)=84 users at H.R

4+4+4(using 8 users)=192users at F.R

4+4+4(using 7 users)=168 users at F.R

Function of Trx=

trx consist of 1 Tx, 1 main Rx and 1 diversity Rx.
Trx unit perform Rf modulation/demodulation and amplification of one Rf carrier.

It also handle uplink signal from ms to bts and downlink signal from bts to ms.