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Reply To: RF Contest!


you said “selection”, but You also include “reselection”, don’t you ?

C1: selection & reselection if C2 not used. Used for PS idle and PTM reselection if no PBCCH.
C2: reselection if C2 used. Used for PS Idle & PTM reselection if no PBCCH.
C31: in case of PBCCH (obsolet)
C32: in case of PBCCH (obsolet)

…??? I count only 4… (and only 2 are useful)

PTM reselection in case of NC2 may count too ? By memory alone, I’d say :
PT1 : bad qual ul
PT2: bad qual dl
PT3 : bad lev dl
PT4 : better cell
but i think i mixed them up 😀

for 3G and 4G… mmm… i forgot !