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Reply To: The Best RNP & RNO Tools


Hi m@u & paraHO,

Thanks for your feedback. Well , for the rangefinder,the sagem test mobile and the Garmin GPS I never thought about these items, although I have already them in hand. The third item you mentioned m@u is the Clinometer or tiltmeter this functionality can be done by the CELaligner made by RFS it is both for azimuth and tilt.

Ok so let me update the list
1. Best Drive Test Tool TEMS INVESTIGATION(Ericsson).
2. Best Planning Tool ASSET3G(Aircom).
3. Best Post-Processing Tool ACTIX SPOTLIGHT(Actix).
4. Best Speech quality Test Tool QVOICE (Ascom).
5. Best GIS Tool MAPINFO(MapInfo).
6. Antenna & cable Analyzer SITEMASTER S332D(Anritsu).
7. Best E1/T1 tester NetTek® YBT1E1(Tektronix).
8. Interference and BTS transmitter Analyzer NETTEK® YBT250(Tektronix).
9. Antenna azimuth and tilt adjustment tool CELaligner®(RFS).
10. Compass Suunto MCA.
11. Binoculars.
12. Meter tape.
13. GPS garmin
14. Sagem mobile test
15. Rangefinder to find anntenna height.