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Reply To: MAIO (Ericsson System)


maio={0,4,9} means that 1st radio (in the channel group in question) will use MAIO=0; 2nd radio will use MAIO=4; 3rd radio will use MAIO=9. the combination of MAIO, HSN, length of HFS will determine the unique hopping sequence of the freqs (in the HFS) for every radio. each radio will have a unique sequence because each radio has a unique MAIO. So when change your MAIO LIST TO {4,9.0}, we still have the same hopping sequences but applied to different radios. for instance, in MAIO={04,9}, the sequence resulting from MAIO=4 applies to the second radio, while in MAIO={4,9,0}, the same sequence associated with MAIO=4 is now applied to 1st radio. i hope i did not confuse u. read ALEX, it is helpful.