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Reply To: Actix Vs. Ranopt


Ok guys seems like all of you above dont have a good concept of cross feeders or cross sectors. I will try to make you guys understand in a simplest language

In Mobile communications, cross feeders or cross sectors is generally named as a Swap or cable swap. Cable Swap have many types and and i have shown a few of them for your understandings. Please find below the description of few types of cable swap:

1. Sector Swap or Cross Sectors: Every Antenna is connected with 2 cables called feeders. If the feeders of 1 sector is interchanged with the other sector then this is called a sector swap or cross sectors. It means that the sectors will behave differently, for example 1st sector and 2nd sectors cables are swapped then 1st Sector will behave as a 2nd Sector and vice versa.
2. Antenna Swap: If we have two or more antenna in each sector then there is always a possibility of having an Antenna Swap. It means that the feeders of a single Antenna Can be swapped with the other antenna. This can happen between sectors and also in a same sector.

3. Partial Swap or Cross Feeder: In this type of swap we observe that a single cable (out of 2) in 1 antenna gets swapped with the single cable of another antenna. This can again happen within the same sector or between sectors.

4. Cross Swap: Cross swap is the most difficult type of swap that exists, it means that all the three sectors are actually partially swapped. which means that single feeder in each antenna gets swapped with the other feeder in another antenna. It can happen between 900/1800/2100 Antenna altogether.

All of the above can be removed easily if you know how to connect the feeders (directly or through combiner or splitter) in to the CU. The best way is to track the cables from top to the BTS. I hope it is helpful for your understanding