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Reply To: Cell Recellection


You said “every time the c2 value of Cell2 was higher than the c2 value of the cell1 the reason was as i think i had 4 trx in cell2 and 6 trx in cell1 maybe that was the problem.”

And then you say : RxLev(cell 1) = -61dBm and RxLev(cell 2) = -71dBm

This is impossible with your parameter settings. In your situation, C2(cell 2) should be lower than C2(cell 1). It seems you need to double check your measures, they don’t seem accurate.

The output power of the antenna is not taken into account in the C2 computation : whether there is 4 or 6 TRX, it wouldn’t change anything, except a lower rxlev in the mobile.