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Reply To: 8-psk


Hi, MKT.

Please answer me:
Do you realy prefer to have 24 FR TCH at C/I = 20-23 dB (8-PSK) instead of 8 FR TCH at 9 dB (GMSK)?

1G was substituted by 2G, which is now substituted slowly by 3G, which will be substituted by 4G and etc…

At 2G we have mainly two resources:TCH and SDCCH.
At 3G we have: spreading factor, channel element and Tx power.
The picture is so complex that no one can compute the capacity in fact…

With 2G we have 8 trx/sector = 60 TCH FR.
With 3G 65-70 voice connections (theoreticly) and only up to 70% of them “on air”.
So WCDMA is not panacea for the ” …I have seen that TDMA and Population growth can never ever match their pace. And see they are now moving towards WCDMA …” problem.