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Reply To: 8-psk


Pix and TNS…….thanks for reply.

It is a coincident or what that a thought comes into my mind. And i put it for a discussion and then i came to know it is there already. I mean 3GPP or like already thought the same way as i did. But ironically they did it first.

This time it is 8-PSK, earlier it was diversity at MS and may be some more cases which i may be going to discuss soon.

From the day one (in GSM) i was of the view that sooner or later they have to give up with TDMA. I have seen that TDMA and Population growth can never ever match their pace. And see they are now moving towards WCDMA. Anyway that is a different story.

Back to 8-PSK:

A Burst in GSM contains 156.25 bits. These bits are coming at a speed of 22.8 Kbps from behind. Now with GMSK i will need exactly the same time of RF carrier as that of burst to send 157 bits. but with 8-psk i will need 1/3 time. Hence 4.615 msec can now have 24 FR TCH.