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Reply To: 8-psk


Hi, all.

“…I can understand that it may not be useful for vendors.But I think it operators will love to have such feature.Why?…..”

Is this true? My opinion:
If we want to transmit, lets say 40kbit/s ( 3x13kbit/s voice ), we will need 6 Abis TS per TRX and at least MCS7.
To transmit 40 kbit/s using MCS7 we need at least C/I=20dB; MCS8->22dB; MCS9->23dB.
Do you still think it’s good idea from operator point of view?
I think the vendors of transmission and BSS equipment will love it…
I will mention only that retransmission of bad frames is not possible so we will need more then 40kbit/s for 3 frame of coded speach.

So… what do you think?