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Reply To: NACC/PSI


Hello pix, thanks to make it clear, for other.
In fact I didn t say that it is an ericsson standard 😉 I just said that only ericsson use this abbreviation (In fact this this what ericsson claim in one of their equipment material).So Apparently I am wrong: Not only Ericsson use MPDCH, unless Ericsson use MPDCH for an other purpose

In Ericsson it seems it is working like that:
you have the information about the MPDCH inside the bcch.
You listen first the bcch and you have info about where to find the MPDCH (a dedicated PDCH)
But without MPDCH you don’t have PCCCH.

According with what I understand
If we have a MPDCH, we don’t have to use PCH, RACH,or AGCH, for a PS
instead we use PPCH, PRACH, PAGCH which are in a dedicated PDCH (the MPDCH).
And in the point of view equipment we use only the PCU.

If we don’t have MPDCH, we don’t have PPCH, PRACH, PAGCH, we use the normal GSM logical channel, PCH, RACH, AGCH,
and in point of view equipment we use both TRH(GSM signaling handler) and PCU.